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Testimonials grateful patients

In 2000 a large enanthesis came out on my body so I was receiving injections and taking ‘Diazolin’ medication to cure that. Later on I heard about this place and came in. Our doctor has started the treatment of. I have undertaken the course of treatment - namely acupuncture and treatment of respiratory tract. Since then I never had a rash and presently feeling myself well.

I am from Andijan region. My son was born a healthy child. A day or two after receiving the inoculation shot he was taken by a rough hoarse in his throat. Medicals put him in intensive care unit of a hospital. We were in a hospital for two or three days taking antibiotics. My son has recovered from his hoarseness but afterwards he came down with the diathesis. I cured him with an ointment that helped to get better. However, as soon as he was eating food which was not to his liking the rash was breaking out again.

His method is based on curing without antihistamines. In the past I used to take 2 or 3 types of hormones. After I came here I had no more injection shots.  A week later after having 10 acupuncture sessions the rash has gradually disappeared. I have received one course of treatment. After that the breaking out has completely stopped. Soon after second and third courses of treatment the rash was just as if nothing had happened. So I am full well now. I underwent through allergic tests that detected  my allergic hypersensitivity to nine substances. I have received a special medical treatment. The results are also satisfactory.